Herbert Hoover National Historical Site

Image of the Herbert Hoover National Historical Site

Orphaned at age nine, Herbert Hoover left West Branch never to live here again. In later years, he returned to his humble birthplace to celebrate his long career of public service. A memorial landscape remains to tell his story: how community, hard work, honesty, and usefulness to others opened a world of opportunity— and the presidency of the United States— to a child of simple beginnings.

Amana Colonies

Image of Amana Colonies

Step into a world of authentic German ambiance that was created by our ancestors and preserved by us today. Experience the unique culture that has its roots in Germany and flourished in the USA during a communal era for over 90 years.

Kalona Amish Settlement

Image of Welcome To Kalona Sign

The Kalona community is the largest Amish-Mennonite settlement west of the Mississippi River. Before visiting, you may want to read up on the unique customs and characteristics of the Amish & Mennonite people.  The link below gives tips about safe and polite ways to interact with the locals and tips on the best times of the year to view some of the interesting, picturesque and often backbreaking agricultural methods still used by farmers in the area.

Coralville Lake & Devonian Fossil Gorge

Image of Devonian Fossil Gorge at Coralville Lake

Imagine walking on a 375 million year old ocean floor! This glimpse into Iowa’s geologic past was first exposed during the Floods of 1993 at Coralville Lake, then again more was exposed during the Floods of 2008. The fossils and limestone bedrock of the Devonian Fossil Gorge date back almost 200 million years before the dinosaurs! 

National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library

Image of National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library

NCSML is an innovative leader in lifelong learning, community building, and cultural connections. We encourage self-discovery for all ages so that the stories of freedom, identity, family, and community will live on for future generations.

African American Museum of Iowa

Image of the African American Museum of Iowa

The African American Museum of Iowa is the only statewide museum devoted to preserving African American history and culture. Our mission includes exhibiting and teaching the African American heritage of Iowa. We educate over 30,000 people each year through museum tours, traveling exhibits, research services, youth and adult education programs, and community and fundraising events. Explore our collection and exhibits that trace Iowa’s African American history from its origins to the present.